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Gaming History


ByDoresa Banning

May 5, 2021

Subject of Gambling Escapes Hollywood Movie Censors in 1930s

1935 Hollywood movie studios released more than a handful of gambling-related movies in 1935. This seemed unusual given the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America’s (MPPDA) recent re-commitment to ensuring movies didn’t contain content…

ByDoresa Banning

April 14, 2021

Casino History: It Takes Club Fortune to Tango

1937-1947 More so than craps, roulette, 21 and slots, all on offer, tango enraptured gamblers at Club Fortune, then “the outstanding night spot in Western Nevada,” according to the Reno Evening Gazette (Jan. 12, 1953).…

ByDoresa Banning

February 17, 2021