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“One of the best casino biographies I have seen. Meticulous detail, well researched, and by far the most detailed account yet of the twisted history that the operation deserves. … Your account is superb.”

—Howard W. Herz, American Gaming Archives

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Old Tales of Nevada


This blog brings to life compelling and true casino- and gambling-related stories, from around the world, between 1800 and 2000.

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By Doresa Banning

May 5, 2021

At Reno Gambling Club, The Crowd Roars One Day, A Fire, The Next

1941 In the wee Sunday morning hours of May 4, employees closed The Tavern after a busy Saturday night of patrons gambling, dining and dancing to live music. The place was bereft of people except for the night watchman. Suddenly, around 5:15 a.m., he noticed flames inside. He ran to the cabin behind the club […]

By Doresa Banning

April 28, 2021

Circumstances of Fatal Gambling Argument Atypical

1936 Gambling disputes ending in someone’s death typically involved men, were over alleged cheating and happened at saloons or other enterprises offering games of chance. However, the circumstances behind the 1936 case of Paul F. Rohl, 33, in Los Angeles, California differed. Death Comes to Light Police officers responded to a call about a shooting, […]

By Doresa Banning

April 14, 2021

Subject of Gambling Escapes Hollywood Movie Censors in 1930s

1935 Hollywood movie studios released more than a handful of gambling-related movies in 1935. This seemed unusual given the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America’s (MPPDA) recent re-commitment to ensuring movies didn’t contain content it considered risqué. Impetus Behind the Code The MMPDA — today, the Motion Picture Association — adopted the Motion Picture […]

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